We look after your mental health

If you’re happy, then so are we. That is why we make the Home of IT a haven of well-being for you. You have a team who looks after you and your welfare. Whatever is of concern, at work or at home – we are there for you.

Workshops and courses to recharge your batteries


Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness in a familiar environment. The workshop teaches you to focus on your feelings and needs. You work on how to handle your resources and find out what gives you energy in your daily work.


Strengthen your resilience. Learn how to cope with stress and stay healthy, on a physical, emotional and mental level. Test your personal resilience and learn from and with colleagues on how to improve it.

Gemeinsam.topfit (Topfit.Together)

The app is your access to health topics relating to prevention and well-being when and where you like. In it, you will quickly find personal contacts and offers of help should you find yourself in a challenging situation at work or at home.


Inhale. Exhale. In our meditation group on Tuesday from 8.30 a.m. to 8.50 a.m., you enjoy a moment of peace and practice being in the here and now. Make it your mindful start to the day.

Internal coaching pool

We offer one-to-one coaching sessions for personal issues relating to mental health. Established by us, our in-house pool of trained coaches provides this service. They will be happy to help you.

Relaxation and life balance

In the online talks by health insurer DAK-Gesundheit, professional coaches give you tips on how to set aside time for yourself and to cope with crises. In addition, you can apply to our company medical officers and psychologists from B.A.D.  for a consultation. 

Your community, your support

We take the subject of mental health very seriously. Ask the community. We meet every second Wednesday and help you to reflect on and promote your mental health. And we also provide online support. Our Microsoft Teams channel “Mentale Gesundheit” (Mental health) provides a list of links and tips on the subject.

Practical support? LoS is the answer.

LoS is the abbreviation for life phase-oriented self-help competence. It was inspired by our will to offer you direct help in critical situations from among your colleagues. We train volunteers from the company and make them our multiplicators. Across REWE Group we already have more than 200 people. All of them have an open ear for you and provide you with help and advice – all strictly confidential, of course.

Search Inside Yourself

Do you want to understand how your inner software works? The Search Inside Yourself programme helps you to do it. With practical methods for mindful (self-) management and emotional intelligence, you can use this knowledge to positive effect for you.

Developed for IT

Originally, the programme was designed for agile teams and (future) managers at Google. More than 40,000 people have meanwhile taken part worldwide.

Boosting agile values

Search Inside Yourself promotes your participation, self-reflection and your (self-) management – and therefore also our agile values.

Business-appropriate exercises

Experienced trainers show you simple attentional control exercises that you can use at work. They promote a clear focus, emotional balance, empathy and motivation.

Interactive method mix

The programme challenges you actively – setting you a micro challenge that you will solve easily with the help of your trainer’s input.


Your contact for mental health

You can contact us at any time to talk to us about your mental health. We are there for you.

Mental Health FAQ

How can I prepare myself for a conversation with a colleague about my work stress?

The following templates will help you to hold a conversation with your colleagues about your current stress at work and at home.

This stocktaking can help you to identify the first warning signs and possible causes of stress, overtaxing and exhaustion, and work out practical ways of tackling them: https://rewe.conceptboard.com/board/zk5q-6oua-361m-xii3-yu2p


How can I identify overtaxing or mental illness?

We want to raise your and your colleagues’ awareness so that you can identify signs and typical behaviour in case of overtaxing or mental illness at an early stage. The signs are diverse, as illnesses are complex and can be very different from one person to the next. Below are some signs that might suggest taking a closer look at a situation – for colleagues and yourself. 

change of typical habits 
build-up of stress and/or forgetfulness
increasing concentration difficulties 
constant passive conduct in meetings and defensive reactions 
emotions displayed either deeply entrenched or very inconsistent
withdrawal and distancing from other team members
explicit articulation of overtaxing 

The right way to react in this case depends on your personality and that of the other person. In any case, you can draw attention to competent support. Details of services and contact persons are available on this website.

Where can I obtain more detailed information about mental health?

We have put together worthwhile information about relaxation techniques, sleep, stress management, addiction and personality for you in our Topfit app: https://topfit.app/modules/mentalfit/ 


In addition, we recommend the following articles, videos and websites (in German): 


“Sieben Tipps für mehr seelische Widerstandskraft”: https://one.rewe-group.com/magazin/magazin-artikel/item/Article/showMag/in-sieben-schritten-zu-mehr-seelischer-widerstandskraft 


“Topfit-Quick-Tipps: So lässt sich die eigene psychische Gesundheit fördern”: https://topfit.app/fitblog/600/detail

Website of Aktionsbündnisses Seelische Gesundheit: https://www.seelischegesundheit.net/

Does REWE digital provide professional help in case of mental illness?

You can make an appointment with our company medical officers and psychologist from B.A.D at any time. In case of personal and professional challenges, you can take advantage of special consultation appointments. 
All information and contact details are available in our Topfit app.

Where can I get tips about self-management?

We offer a lot of workshops and courses on time and self-management in our learning canvas. 
More information is available at Further training

What tools can help me to take preventive measures for my mental health?

We recommend the following tools and apps:


Insight Timer – meditation app with guided meditation sessions, timer function, etc.: https://insighttimer.com/de-de


Youper – AI platform to support mental health with mindfulness exercises and check-ups: https://www.youper.ai/ 


Plum Village – meditation app with gong function: https://plumvillage.org/de/mindful-apps/ 


YearCompass – free PDF to plan your year with the help of questions and exercises: https://yearcompass.com/ 

Daylio – self-care bullet journal app with mood tracker for identifying beneficial habits: https://daylio.net/