In the beginning there was one and zero.

REWE digital is a child of the 1980s. In the decade in which the ARPANET evolved into the Internet, we launched the digital revolution of retail.


Since then, a lot has happened – everyday noticeable to millions of people when they shop in REWE stores and behind the scenes at REWE Group. Our technologies make shopping and working easier than ever. And what doesn't exist today, we are developing for tomorrow. Here, in our Home of IT.

In-house ahead of our time

Long before digital tills and barcodes, apps and online shops, we had a vision for the digital future of retail. Countless lines of code later, we have already achieved a lot. And it goes on and on and on.






REWE pick-up services


scanner tills

1 billion

data records daily

1 IT

REWE digital

6 million

app installations

reimagine the digital
future of retail

Nobody knows what the future holds. But we have an idea. In fact, we have many ideas. In cross-functional teams we implement them on a small and large scale. This is how we bundle our power and catapult digital disruption to a new level.

We for you

Together we work on the best shopping experience for our customers. To achieve this, we develop products and services that become state-of-the-art for the entire retail industry.

We love tech

The latest technologies, tools and development methods make our hearts beat faster. They are our instruments with which we realise the wishes of our customers.

We go ahead

It takes courage to dare something new. That's why we create a working environment, where decisions are celebrated and mistakes move us forward. That's how we manage to set trends instead of following them.

Here we win

We have many personalities, without whom nothing works. We are good at what we do because we value each and every one of them and we know that as a team we are unbeatable.

We empower ourselves

Through cooperation at eye level, equal opportunities for all and emphatic cooperation, we create an environment that is good for everyone.

You becomes us

On our journey through the tech universe, there is no end in sight. But maybe you will make us expand our horizons. What are you waiting for?

Digital products with real impact

With our services and technologies, we ease the everyday life of our REWE Group colleagues and our customers. They are digital solutions for large and small challenges. This is how we make retail more digital and people happy.

REWE delivery service

We deliver your groceries directly to your door. Our fulfilment solutions are the basis for the largest grocery shop in Germany.

REWE pick-up service

Click & Collect. At over 1,600 pick-up service stations in Germany, online orders land directly in our REWE stores.

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We have opened Germany's first hybrid supermarket in Cologne and the first 100% autonomous one in Munich. And that is just the beginning.

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Food Fulfillment Center

Intelligent and automated REWE delivery warehouses at 15 locations think ahead and facilitate work on site.

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The REWE App makes it easy to fit a supermarket's product range into your pocket.

REWE checkouts

Our digital checkout systems are really paying off in more than 2,100 PENNY stores and almost 3,900 REWE shops.

Research & Innovation

Disruption is part of our DNA. That's why we think new and never stop developing upgrades to our products and services.

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Digital handout

For a responsible use of resources, we are pioneers in the digital communication of REWE's products and services.

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Our locations between big city flair and small town idyll

We digitise retail from Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and Spain and work cross-functionally across national borders.


Some of our colleagues contribute their technical know-how directly to the REWE regional locations throughout Germany. Where we are located is more or less irrelevant to us. Because the people we work with are what make our locations.

Flexible work

We enable flexible work regardless of time and place. Together we decide on the nature of our cooperation. This is how we are shaping not only the digital future of retail, but also our working world.

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