Costa del sol and technologies. 

The Andalusian university city is known for its culture, architecture and history. And through us, also for technology. 

Together with the local IT experts of REWE digital Spain, we are driving our developments forward. With agility, excellence, focus, passion, courage and cross-functionality, we are growing in a value-oriented and customer-centric way. 

We've only just begun. Be there when we create maximum product responsibility, autonomy and flexibility in our Home of IT. Summer, sun, software. In this relaxed atmosphere, the code almost writes itself. 

Good to know: it's 2,800 km to Varna.

Your way to the Home of IT

REWE digital Spain

In Málaga you can find all open jobs via the link below.

Europe is our Home of IT

We celebrate carnival in Cologne, hike in the mountains of Styria or swim on the beach in Málaga. IT professionals from Sofia are programming with engineers from Ilmenau and agile coaches from Kiel network with product owners from Frankfurt. We could list many more cities, but where are you from?

Flexible work

We enable flexible work regardless of time and place. Together we decide on the nature of our cooperation. This is how we are shaping not only the digital future of retail, but also our working world.

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