Agile and flexible collaboration

We want to create the best possible working environment for you at the Home of IT. Our projects, methods, technologies and workflows are as diverse as the people we with work with. This diversity is the basis for you to realise your potential. In our teams we combine know-how, skills and innovative power to achieve great things together. And what we have in common is an agile mindset.

Reaching goals faster

As an innovation driver for (digital) commerce, we always think two steps ahead, and react swiftly and flexibly to changes in our industry. This is why we love agile workflows and other methods that enable us forge ahead. Our teams are cross-functional with the best experts for the project in hand. We match our methods to the product. Our agile team coaches play a key role. Their input helps us to achieve top results fast in agile sprints.

Agility is our attitude

The way we work together is based on more than our roles, our work process and our combination of methods. Agility is reflected in our attitude and in our understanding of collaboration. We also know of course that agility is not the only answer to every challenge. We always keep an open mind to various approaches.

Core values of our collaboration


We work fast to provide effective solutions for our customers, keeping in mind both their current requirements and future challenges.


On a technical level, we give our all every day. Mistakes are emphatically allowed. Because they motivate us to do better next time round. Nobody is perfect, and it is a good thing too.


In our work, we focus entirely on the product and its added value for our customers. We never lose sight of the big picture when working on those small vital details.

Cross functionality

In our teams, experts from various disciplines work together. This way, we pool the best expertise in order to realise our vision and our customers’ wishes.


We love what we do and put a lot of passion into our daily work. Breathing life into our ideas together is our greatest joy. And we are proud of the impact that they have on the lives of millions of people.


Innovation and change call for a bold approach. We motivate each other to rethink things and explore new avenues. It is the only way to retain our edge over everyone else.

Five steps to agility

We deploy a wide variety of approaches and methods in our work together. The agile process behind it is always similar and is based on five steps.

Step 1


We maintain a structured backlog of pending tasks along with relevant information on the effort involved and degree of urgency. Together, we plan which tasks need to be tackled next, and draft a road map, release plan or the like.

Step 2

Work phase

As a team, we tackle selected backlog tasks, aiming for a perfect balance between speed and quality in order to release a workable product as soon as possible.

Step 3


Usable results are presented in short, regular intervals. We assess them in our team and with the stakeholders involved.

Step 4

In retrospect

Based on regular feedbacks, we review the development process and our internal and external collaboration. This helps us to continuously improve our products and workflows.

Step 5


The next backlog tasks are already waiting for us. In this meeting, we discuss what potential solutions might look like and relaunch the agile process from scratch.


Our key agile methods

We work with various methods. Each team decides how it aims to set up its workflow. The following approaches often play a role.

Design Thinking

We focus on design thinking in the area of innovation and product development. 
We give a cross-functional team a task for them to solve in a creative environment. The more specific, the better. The aim is to make the most of the creative potential. Our design thinking strategists from UX Research help teams to engage with new perspectives and find answers to complex questions using effective techniques.


SCRUM is deployed in complex product development, where both the requirements and technical solutions are still largely unknown. With the help of experienced agile team coaches (formerly SCRUM masters), our teams develop a product vision. Based on this, they create individual features, epics or user stories. In iterative sprints, subject to increasing requirements, they are processed, reviewed and launched.


We use KANBAN to visualise projects, including all the work steps and tasks involved, on one board. Each individual task has a corresponding sticky note that must cross the entire board once. This helps us to better focus on details, work more efficiently in general and identify bottlenecks at an early stage.


As the name suggests, we combine elements of SCRUM and KANBAN to form SCRUMBAN. The advantage of this is that project and service tasks can be tackled transparently, in a structured manner.


LESS is an overarching framework for SCRUM that we use for complex large-scale projects with several teams. It helps us to coordinate our tasks and organise collaborative cooperation. Dependencies can be identified early on and can be quickly resolved.

Welcome to the agile community

Agility is a key topic for REWE digital and the entire REWE Group. Through the “agile@rewegroup” network, we team up with group colleagues to promote agile collaboration across all business units. Join us!

Feedback promotes progress 

We live and love our feedback culture. Continuous and constructive feedback helps us to improve our output and teamwork. We firmly believe that our open communication has a positive effect on our environment. Every opinion is important and gets our undivided attention.

Retros for a competitive edge

We put the spotlight on best practices and failure stories, as we all want to learn from successes and mistakes. We therefore share our experience – in retro meetings, open question rounds, at weekly stand-ups and in our participant-driven Unconferences.

Your opinion counts at Tech Tenor

Things don’t always run smoothly with us. To make sure you stay happy, we ask you regularly about how you feel. At Tech Tenor you can anonymously state your general satisfaction, recommendation rating for REWE digital as an employer, and any changes you would like. It is a little like kununu, only more detailed. Your feedback motivates our development efforts.

Flexible Work

Successful collaboration is multifaceted. At REWE digital, we decide together about where, how and when we work. This way, we shape collaboration in the working world of today, tomorrow, and the day after. And your individual needs as just as important as the interests of the team and our business needs.


We ensure that your job at REWE digital suits you perfectly. Because together with your team, and in agreement with your manager, you get to individually choose where you want to work, when you want to work, and what resources you need. No matter whether you are based with us in the office, work at home or prefer a mix of the two, we take your preferences into account and respect your privacy so that when you are at work, you can focus fully on the job in hand.


Working from home and in the office enjoy equal status in our eyes. After all, what you are working on, and with whom is what matters, not physically proximity. Work is what you make of it. Try things out for yourself and create the working environment that is best for you.


With us, nothing is set in stone, after all we are digital natives. We take a holistic view of flexibility, from spatial design to collaboration and communication tools. Should your needs change, we have an open ear for you. We adjust your working environment to suit your new situation.

We trust you

Our flexible collaboration works because our relationship is based on mutual trust and appreciation. This is our guiding maxim. We trust you to organise yourself, and to work responsibly in a results-driven manner. And we value you and your work so that you truly enjoy being part of the Home of IT.