Sustainability and the next generation

We use digital solutions to ensure that REWE Group and the entire food retail business will become more sustainable in the long term. The delivery routes of our logistics operations, for instance, are digitally optimised for the benefit of the climate and upcoming generations. At the same time, we support next-gen IT professionals with various projects to promote media competence, thus ensuring that they are equipped to work with us in shaping a sustainable future.

Digital sustainability revisited 

We have long addressed the question of how, as a tech company, we can champion the cause of sustainability. The faster the internet, the more data that can be saved, up and downloaded. A huge amount of energy is consumed in the process. Therefore, from our planning through to the operation of our technologies and services, we take considered decisions in order to minimise our ecological footprint.

Our digital flyer replaces paper

The paper era ended on 1 July 2023. This was the date on which REWE Group stopped printing some 25 million flyers weekly to opt instead for our digital solutions. Our current weekly offers, coupons and benefits are clearly advertised in our REWE app and on Compact, individualised and easily accessible online to everyone. A major benefit for our customers, and a huge one for the environment. Because we save more than 73,000 tons of paper, some 1.1 million cubic metres of water, around 70,000 tons of CO2 and approximately 380 million kilowatt hours of energy annually. #Rethinkable

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No food waste, no problem

Our modern forecasting systems and logistics tools help REWE and PENNY to sell an annual average of 98 per cent of the food they offer in their stores. We want to get closer to the 100 per cent mark because wasting food goes against the grain for us. In addition, our platform Loql [text link to] helps to network local producers and stores. Food that is not sold is predominantly donated nationwide to more than 950 local charity food banks. We also support these charity food banks with their digitalisation – through the “eco-platform” project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

What do we tackle next?

You have a say when it comes to making REWE digital more sustainable. Have you ideas about how we can save more energy? Do you know ways of reducing our carbon footprint? Or would you like to launch a project that will bring the entire REWE Group closer to its climate goal? We are all ears. Let’s protect the climate together.

You can find more details of our commitment to sustainability on the REWE Group website.

Ready for the next IT generation

When we think about the future, we think about the next IT generation. This is why we turn REWE digital into a place where children and young people can have fun exploring the world of IT. We also promote the fostering of their media skills – by means of sponsoring, cooperation and events. Who knows, perhaps we will meet one or other of you in our apprenticeship or dual study programmes.

Making a difference with the

Kids in Cologne can have fun exploring the media sector at It provides an inspiring environment with the right equipment for a first encounter with hardware and software. Not to mention a first experience of e-sports. We sponsor the Cologne Cheetahs, organise coding workshops together and thus give children and young people prospects for the future.

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A good start with Ehrensache (You can count on us)

We support socially disadvantaged young people and young refugees to take their first steps in the labour market. In the mentoring programme “Ehrensache”, a cooperation of REWE Group with the Joblinge initiative, you can volunteer to train as a voluntary mentor and support young people on their journey to become strong, responsible personalities.

Girls-only programming at Hackdays4Girls

Programming is just for boys? No way! We prove the opposite at our Hackdays4Girls. The Home of IT stages an open day for girls and young women only. In workshops, we show the participants how we work and introduce them to the world of programming. By exploring our IT jobs in a fun way, they broaden their horizons when it comes to choosing a career later on. We are already looking forward to more women in IT.

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STEM time: pupils learn how to code

Together with the youth centre, the coding school and “KI macht Schule” (AI is catching on), we already launched our second event in May with STEM pupils. For two whole days, turned into a workshop centre for children and young people. We used this opportunity to introduce the youngsters to programming and artificial intelligence. In the end, the kids completed super digital projects and we were caught up in their infectious enthusiasm.

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