A home for culture and teamwork

We love the digital world, but also everything else off-screen as well, such as 

enjoying lunch breaks together or excursions, agile methods of cooperation, team and tech events – all the things that make working at REWE digital richer.

Collaboration on an equal footing

Your project, your team, your workflow. You and your colleagues decide on how to achieve your goal fastest. Often agilely, and always flexibly.

Game of Codes 2023

Limited period, lots of projects and even more hackers. Our hack event 2023 was our event of the year, in which everything was focused on innovation, experimenting and just doing it. Software developers, designers and other creative minds breathed life into their IT dream projects to compete for one of our coveted awards. Which projects won the Game of Codes? Find out in the video.

Watch the video

Non-stop further training

With us, you can become anything you want: an absolute expert in your field, a smart all-rounder, a career jumper into a new field or a team leader. We give you the time, the budget and the know-how to accomplish everything that you set out to do.

A good listen

Hear what your Home of IT colleagues have to say in our tech podcast “Codes und schmerzlos” (Codes short and sweet). We take a look behind the scenes and a deep dive into tech matters. Every month, different hosts discuss new tech titbits with their guests. Wherever podcasts are available. So put your headphones on and tap play. 
As a REWE digital geek, you have something to share with us? Contact us at

Diversity is our framework

Diversity is a huge asset for us. The more diverse our colleagues are, the better for us. Every one of us contributes special skills and unique ideas that fire our innovative power. This is why we promote a lively work environment in which you feel at ease.

Mental health without stigma

We talk openly about mental health, without prejudice. In our supportive work environment, you can talk openly about your concerns and ask for help if you need it. Because we do our utmost to ensure your well-being with us.

Sustainable. Across generations

We are already working on the sustainable future of REWE digital, REWE Group and the entire food retail business. Our technologies help you to save valuable resources. And we do everything to ensure that the next IT generation will support us in achieving our vision of climate neutrality.