Diversity in all its colours and codes

Everyone is welcome at the Home of IT. People from a wide variety of backgrounds come together here in the pursuit of a common goal. With us, you enjoy the variety of many projects and diverse teams. And of course, countless methods, tools and technologies. This diversity unlocks the possibility for you to realise your personal potential and develop in any direction you want.

Diversity is diverse

Diversity covers many dimensions. At REWE digital, it is visible and tangible everywhere. Of the many aspects, five are particularly important to us: gender and gender identity, sociocultural origin, sexual orientation, generations, physical and mental abilities. We pursue specific goals in each of these areas to achieve a diverse, inclusive and open working environment.

Equal opportunities for all

At REWE digital you will find everything you need to grow professionally and personally. We take your needs seriously, and we listen to you and your ideas. Work and communication at REWE are based on an equal footing, we give each other constructive feedback, and offer you a range of (re)training options, lateral-entry and career programmes.

We work with people

Many things go into making you unique and special. Our humanity is our common bond. That is why we value you as a person and treat you with respect and tolerance.

Hello LGBTQAI+ community

We are colourful and fly the flag of diversity – both as a business group and in small work teams. The rainbow is not a marketing tool for us. This rich colour palette is mirrored in our corporate colours. We are emphatically committed to equal rights for all and send out signals at CSD. No matter whom you love and how you identify yourself: you belong to us.

di.to. – different together

The di.to network at REWE Group advocates greater tolerance and acceptance at the workplace. Founded in 2013 as a group of LGBTQAI+ employees, since 2014 is has been an official network with chairman of the board Lionel Souque as its patron and straight ally.


We attach important to equal treatment for everyone. In this network, you always have a contact for matters relating to equality.

Points of contact

Personal contacts to whom you can turn are available at national, regional and site level.


 In the community you will find colleagues and kindred spirits with whom you can talk openly at any time about your experiences, problems and wishes.

Raising awareness

The Group supports the process regarding attitudes and raising awareness across all sectors of REWE Group.


The network organises regular network meetings, sport events such as the Come Together Cup, charity events and participation in Christopher Street Day in Cologne. Straight allies are always welcome.


Thanks to di.to, REWE, Penny and toom stores, as well as DER travel agents mark their solidarity with the LGBTQAI+ community with rainbow stickers at their entrances. Visible to millions of people.

More about our LGBTQAI+ network

More information and contact persons for LGBTQAI+ subjects can be found in the di.to flyer.

Promoting more women in IT

The number of women working in IT professions is on the rise and a cause for celebration. We take things a step further and aim to speed up growth, because a female quota of a quarter is far from equal. This is why we already encourage the youngest girls to discover their passion for technology at our Hackdays4Girls. With us, everyone can invest their skills and assume leadership roles regardless of gender. On fair terms, because we want to close the gender pay gap once and for all.


By women for women. SHINE is an initiative for all female colleagues in the customer, analytics and technology sectors. You can reflect together with other female colleagues at REWE digital and REWE Group on your impact and collaboration, identify and grow your skills in the long term. All topics and content come directly from your community and are shared during monthly Shine sessions. It’s your time to SHINE.


All team members who identify themselves as women can share with each other in our REWE Group internal women’s network f.ernetzt. Your female colleagues invite you to reflect on your professional development and to share your experiences and ideas with others in a safe environment. Topics covered include new work, leadership, personal development, profession and family.

Digital safe space

In the closed Microsoft Teams channel everyone has the chance to share information and open discussions. A pool of articles, videos and podcasts provides inspiration for you and your professional career.


Coffee and networking

Once a month, Coffee f.ernetzt takes place. In a random draw, we pick another network member for you. Get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere during a (digital) coffee break. Regard it as a good way of expanding your personal network.


Meet & Greet

During regular meet-ups, we focus on work topics. Listen to thought-provoking talks and take the opportunity to exchange ideas with other women.


Personal network get-together

Once a year, we invite all members to a grand network event. It is an occasion to celebrate your personal successes and those of our network. Together, we can achieve everything.


WomEngineers @ REWE digital

We offer all woman developers who identify themselves as female a platform of their own. Every six weeks, WomEngineers focuses on networking and communication. Attendees decide themselves what topics are going to be on the agenda. Why not share your experiences? 

Women’s Drive

The REWE Group development programme is specially aimed at female management executives. Its mission is to strengthen you in your role and to help you achieve your career ambitions. Together, we look at your career motivators, work on strategies to improve resilience, and develop your personal playbook for the future. In addition, we offer you various coaching sessions and assign you an experienced female mentor.

Your contacts for
female empowerment 

With our Organization & Culture-Team  you can talk about all issues relating to female empowerment.

Breaking down barriers together

At REWE digital, who you are is what counts. It therefore goes without saying that people with special needs are welcome in our team. Everyone can contribute something valuable to our vision of the digital future of commerce. We therefore do our utmost to build an inclusive working environment for you, and provide you with the support you need.

We support you

The severely disabled employee representatives at REWE Group are always there to help you. Our colleagues ease the integration of severely disabled persons and similarly placed people, and ensure that your needs and interests are represented across the Group. They advise you on inclusion matters and help you to find your niche at REWE digital.

A part of the Special Olympics World Games

REWE Group was sponsor of the Special Olympics World Games 2023 in Berlin. One hundred volunteers from REWE Group, including REWE digital team members, were in attendance and supported the sportspeople as voluntary helpers. #UnbeatableTogether

Watch the video

Your contacts for inclusion topics

We are there for you when you need support on matters relating to special needs and inclusion.