Daily Stand-Up Questions

Beyond the three

von  Michael Kutz

While the classic three questions for daily stand-ups – “What did I do since the last stand-up?”, “What will I do until the next stand-up?” and “Are there any impediments?” – served quite well for a lot of teams I used to work on, in my current team we came to the idea to add more questions to our stand-up to help us to stick to our habits and rules:

  • “Should we switch pairs?” to help us to keep the habit of switching pairs once a day.

  • “Do we have anything to show (to the PO)?” helps us to do just in time reviews.

  • “Are there any appointments for the team (and who will attend)?” helps us to organize those appointments like design session with other teams or guild meetings or tech talks.

  • “Are there any news from the Guilds?” reminds the members who attended a Guild meeting to report.

  • “All work-in-progress tasks dotted?” makes us visualize how long tasks actually stay in in work-in-progress column.

  • “Is there any planned absence (doctor’s appointment, home office, holidays, etc.)?” simply helps us to organize and plan our work.

These questions are written on stickies on our task board and might be added or removed as we change our habits and rules. Therefore most of them are addressing the whole team and not a single member.

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