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We’re REWE digital Bulgaria. Since 2017, our team has been developing and improving the most modern technologies in digital food retail. As part of our Fulfillment Tribe, 34 colleagues in 6 teams are currently working by 4 different domains: Inbound, Inventory, Master Data and Platform.


Together with our development teams in Cologne, we are changing food retail and fulfillment for the long term. This is how we ensure the best possible customer experience. And we are thrilled to take our digital business model to the top.


Our modern tech stack, a family-like working atmosphere and the technical skills of each team member are our basis to create something great. We develop products that have an impact on the REWE Group and the entire retail sector. Are you ready to start into the digital future with us?


A Mix of Six

Teamwork makes the dream work


Team Alpha is responsible for the Facility processes configuration and optimization. Our goal is to reduce the operational effort, save time and cost and bring user satisfaction to the employees of the automated REWE warehouses.


Team Avengers ensures that our warehouses are filled with the right amount of the right products at the right time. We also support other engineering teams with central services.


Team Mystique is responsible for the Inventory domain. The software we create enables the REWE Food Fulfillment Centers based on eFoodWMS to track stock levels movement real time. Our team also generates multiple reports which provide transparency for stakeholders and allow the process improvements to be data-driven.


Team Orion is responsible for the warehouse internal order management of all the goods that enter it. The counting & distribution of the stock inside the warehouse areas, the changes that relate to that movement and the reporting toward the neighboring micro services is part of our scope.


Team Quarks is responsible for the Master data of the company that is the basis of all Business logic, rules, validations, limitations & allowances that our teams develop. To help the teams to achieve an advanced and automated process controlling is our goal.


Team Shangri is focused on providing software solutions for the Inbound domain of REWE Food Fulfillment Centers. We support the inbounding of product supplies from REWE regional- and central distribution warehouses as well as from external suppliers such as for baked goods or beverages.

Training and development

As individual as you 

We invest in the professional development of each and everyone. Because we want our team members to become experts in their field. You have your own budget to spend on further education, courses, literature and all activities that improve your knowledge and or skills.

Moreover, our Systemic coach provides individual coaching, team coaching and monthly sessions for everyone. And in our library, there are many magazines and books about the latest trends in the industry. Do you want to know what’s your Path of Excellence? Let us know!


Work flexible

Switching between home and office

With our mixed working model, we empower our teams to work from where they’re productive. You can choose between home or office, which is accessible 24/7. Our flexible model allows each team member more freedom and contributes to a healthy work-life balance.

And whenever you visit our recently renovated office, themed meeting rooms, a recreational area and much more awaits you.


Our tech-stack and technologies we use


Icon Frontend


HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Angular 2+, Typescript, Jasmine

Icon Frontend


Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security, Mockito, Spring, MVC, REST, API, Kafka

Icon Frontend


Kubernetes Docker

Icon Frontend



Icon Frontend


Java, Android, Kotlin, Roboelectric

Icon Frontend


Jenkins, Gradle

Icon Frontend

Monitoring & Alerting

Prometheus, Grafana, Alert Manager

Icon Frontend


Spring Security, OAuth 2.

Our Office

Freshly designed meeting rooms

Whenever we collaborate in the office, our newly designed meeting rooms are our go-to place to talk about new services, bugs, or just because. Each room has its own atmosphere and design: dive to the bottom of the ocean or the depths of space and travel back in time in the rooms "Retro" or "Jazz". When will you visit us?

Our Videos

Here we show you what work at REWE digital is all about

REWE digital Bulgaria
About balance
Rositsa Dimitrova
Hybrid Hackdays 2021
About development
Petar Kerefeyski

Sofia Specials



Banitsa Thursday

Banitsa Thursday is a regular event where we gather every Thursday morning to start our day with a tasty pastry, boza and ayran. According to TasteAtlas, Bulgarian Banitsa with cheese is the best pastry in the world.

Hybrid Hacking & more

Programming is cool, right? But you know what’s even cooler? Idea Hacking at least once a year! 

Every year, we organize a big hackathon with our locations in Cologne, Berlin and Ilmenau. Mixed teams face off against groundbreaking ideas that we've all always wanted to tackle. And during our Hackdays, we have the time and space to do so – whether on site in Sofia, in Cologne or at home. What’s your next big thing?

Pair Programming

Software developers should practice their craft – just like a professional musician or a competitive athlete. At least, this is the opinion of those who regularly train their skills as programmers with so-called code katas. Decide within your team if you want to practice pair programming on a daily basis or join our regular Coding Dojos and Katas.

Continuous Feedback

We love and live feedback in our open culture – every day. Whether it's in terms of coding, personal responsibility, or just ‘being out there’. In our opinion, transparency and honesty is something that makes us grow. So join us and grow through feedback or let your colleagues grow through yours. Are you already curious how our continuous feedback works?

Path of Excellence

Individual growth always proceeds at your pace. Therefore, that's why we introduced our Path of Excellence last year. This is a program that we have developed together that puts you on the very personal or professional path to which you aspire. Are you more of an ambassador, Swiss Army Knife or Java Jedi? 

Team Events

We love to socialize – whether during our legendary Banitsa Thursdays, Standups or Afterwork Events. During the pandemic we had to improvise a little, but this also showed us two things: We can do that and still love the social interaction in the office or just after work. Which type are you?

Modern Office

Our themed headquarter blends beautifully in and offers an amazing view on Vitosha Mountain. Dive into underwater worlds, make friends with robots or relax in a jazzy atmosphere. What exactly does it look like here? We won't tell you yet, but feel free to drop by and apply!

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