Our working relationship

Flexible work @ REWE digital

Innovation and transformation are part of our DNA.

We mutually determine the nature of our working relationship and continually reinvent ourselves. By doing so, we’re shaping the digital future of retail and the working world of tomorrow today.

We abide by three principles at REWE digital:

we take individual needs, team interests, and business requirements into consideration when designing the workplace and organising working hours and resources for the long term.

Your work, your needs. In cooperation with your team – and in agreement with your manager – you get to individually choose where you want to work, when you want to work and what resources you need. That’s how we’re developing a modern working environment in collaboration with you – no matter if you work from home, remotely or both. We respect each other’s private and professional lives in the process and try to take your preferences into account as fully as possible.
Remote work and office work are given equal recognition at REWE. For us, it’s the results that count and not how far or close you are. We practice this culture because work is about what you do and not where you are. Together we’re building the foundation for a modern infrastructure in order to make switching between working in the office and remotely as easy as possible.
Nothing is carved in stone. Flexibility works best when it’s a complete overarching system governing everything from spatial design to tools of collaboration and communication.
Our flexible cooperation is based on three central values:
trusting each other to work in a self-organised, independent and results-oriented manner, showing appreciation for our colleagues, and ensuring our work is transparent in the constantly evolving and new working world.

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