Your further training starts here

You bring your personal skills and qualities with you to REWE digital. No matter how varied they are – we think it’s great. Because we believe in lifelong learning, our tech hub is also a learning hub. And as you develop your skills, we grow as a team. Whatever you wish to achieve – at REWE digital you have every opportunity to do so.

Your personal further training budget

We invest in your future. With your annual further training budget of €2,500, you can learn what you like and how you like. Therefore, stay curious and collect new insights for yourself and all of us at your personal coaching sessions, at conferences, in textbooks or at one of the many free workshops in our learning canvas. Who knows, perhaps we’ll soon be learning from you.

Tech Talks

Wednesdays at 2.30 p.m. is tech talk time – and you can join in. In a short, informal presentation we talk to an open floor about a subject of technical interest, swap experiences, and give feedback, tips and praise.


Classic conference meets open space. Our UnConferences combine talks, discussions and networking activities with the opportunity for you to broach topics and issues that interest you. No two UnConferences are the same, because you take a hand in shaping them.

Language courses

Besides coding languages would you also like to speak better German or fluent English to communicate with your international teams in Germany, Bulgaria or Spain? If so, enrol in a REWE Group language course. Here you will learn new vocabularies and cultures in a relaxed atmosphere with your fellow colleagues.


And that is far from all. Discover further events at the Home of IT.

Colourful learning canvas 

Further training comes in many shapes. Our learning canvas includes a wide spectrum of in-house courses, seminars, workshops and coaching sessions. The formats were specially developed for REWE digital. Your questions and wishes are our inspiration and enable the learning canvas to grow. And because we love peer learning, we encourage and support you to devise offerings of your own. Sharing (knowledge) is caring.

All topics for your personal further development

(Agile) methods

If you want to take a deeper dive into our work methods, you can choose from more than 15 training courses. What appeals to you? Kanban, visual facilitating, gamification or prototyping? Why not do them all?


Our communication workshops offer an amazing variety and acquaint you with methods for moderating, giving feedback, holding presentations and dealing with conflicts. Expand your communication skills for your professional and personal development.


You as a person come first with us. To make sure you can achieve your full potential at REWE digital, our further training courses include workshops on mindfulness, resilience, time and self-management


If you have set your sights on becoming a team leader – or as a team leader you want to continue growing – then you are in the right place. We offer a variety of training courses on servant and lateral leadership, change and storytelling, and more besides.

Technology Knowledge

Our IT learning hub by techies for techies. Stay abreast of things in our workshops on subjects including chaos engineering, product owner training or Java web security to keep ahead of the curve in the digital world.


We love tools and show you how they work in our workshops on Confluence, Jira, Miro or hybrid meeting technologies.

Your certification as an agile team coach

Our roles in the agile work process do not (yet) belong in the ranks of traditional vocational occupations. We therefore take care of your certification as an agile team coach (formerly scrum master) ourselves. Teaming up with tribe masters, engineering managers and people coaches, we designed the best training programme for you. Are you ready, coach?

You lead the way forward

We will make a leader of you. In our six-part seminar programme, you learn the basic skills with which you will grow into your leadership role. Our six values form the basis for our understanding of good leadership: courage, excellence, passion, cross-functionality, speed and focus. Together with external experts we discuss modern leadership styles, experiment with feedback methods and reflect on your understanding of leadership. In the end, you have everything you need to develop into a great leader personality.

Begin your leadership journey

Good leadership style means something different to each of us. This is why we embark on the leadership journey with you and develop a mutual understanding of leadership based on our values. We engage with strategic alignment, establish leadership retrospectives and offer various qualification programmes for you in your leadership role. Join us on the journey and discover new development possibilities for your leadership role as you learn about effective teaming, positive leadership and efficient communication in the change process.

What next for your further training?

Our Organization & Culture team will be happy to advise you on your further training options.