The Content Tribe at REWE digital

Content Tribe, Content IT, CMS... we are flexible and answer to many names. In any case, we are the

from  Jutta Budde

Content Tribe, Content IT, CMS... we are flexible and answer to many names. In any case, we are the ones who take care of the technological aspects of the portal, REWE's digital home.


Our goal:
to provide our customers with an optimal experience in the REWE universe.

Our way of working:
Value-oriented, efficient further development of our product landscape and content infrastructure - for the satisfaction of our customers and merchants.

Our resources:
Microservices, a customized Magnolia CMS and of course a lot of motivation.


The digital hub

Our focus is the technological basis for the content of the domain and some parts of microservices for dynamic content and templates for static content. The content itself is partly created and maintained by our colleagues in the marketing editorial offices of REWE Markt. With our technical solutions, they can independently assemble new pages and fill them with content (Atomic design approach). Compliance with the corporate design is automatically ensured. Dynamic content reaches the portals via data feeds from databases of other REWE divisions. Together with the other tribes of REWE digital, we are thus working towards the overarching goal of advancing the digital transformation of REWE Group.


In this sense, is the central digital hub of the REWE world, the integrator between our customers in local stores, merchants, online users, delivery, pick-up and parcel services, marketing campaigns, value-added services, customer loyalty programmes such as Payback, etc. This is the only way to address these various interest groups across the board.

The REWE Content Platform

Via the content platform we give these different areas of REWE a digital voice. For example, a marketing editorial team regularly creates new recipes (all of which they have cooked themselves!); we support them in the digitisation process so that all users can see and favour the recipes online at, put the ingredients on an online or offline shopping list, etc. The content platform is also used by the REWE marketing team. The merchants also benefit from the pages of the individual local supermarkets (see, where offers and services can be found, for example.

We are working on many technological topics: that a simple creation of pages and subsequent maintenance by the marketing editors and our merchants is possible or that all relevant offers are always displayed. We ensure that the underlying technologies are up-to-date and meet the latest security standards. We monitor that the systems are stable and that no Errors occur.

The Tribe

In order to make our contribution to the digitalisation of REWE Group, we are in constant exchange with the other Tribes of REWE digital. We are the smallest Tribe with currently two powerful internal SCRUM teams in Cologne-Mülheim and two further external teams. In addition to the developers, the Tribe also includes Product Owner, Technical Architect, Scrum Master, Technical Content Manager, Requirements Engineer and Delivery Manager as well as Chief Product Owner.

The Technologies

We provide the content on and some pages on as well as Restful Services with technologies like Java, Spring Boot, Golang, node.js, Docker, Postgres, Elasticsearch and Kafka. For our customized Magnolia CMS our Technology Stack contains Java, Groovy, node.js, Webcomponents and Handlebars. The pattern library of our layout tool is based on Fractal. As part of our continuous in-house development, we aim to replace the customized Magnolia CMS with a "Headless CMS" and integrate it into our microservice world.


Are you interested?

You can use all this and much more if you work in CMS, Content IT, Content Tribe. Interested? Then get in touch with Pascal Lüdtke at

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The Content Tribe at REWE digital

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