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Our core task in employer branding is to present the attractiveness of REWE digital as an employer a

from  Lasse Hofmann

Does it still fit or does the Brand have to be updated?

Our core task in employer branding is to present the attractiveness of REWE digital as an employer and to differentiate the brand from other employer brands.

What happens if the external image of the organisation no longer matches what the people who work there feel and experience?

At REWE digital, we experienced this when the digital marketing unit with over 100 employees* left us. This was merged with the classic marketing of REWE Markt GmbH. The departure of our colleagues presented us with a challenge in terms of brand communication. Until then, they had had a digital influence on the identity and cooperation at REWE and shaped the employer branding.

This change was the final impulse for an intensive examination of the REWE digital identity and for a reorientation of the employer brand.

Don't we have anything better to do?

We would like to answer this question in advance, as it has been asked frequently in recent months. We are pleased about your interest in our topic and that is a justified question. After all, there are no silly questions...

The nice thing about this question is that it can clearly be answered with a decisive "yes and no". People like us, who are enthusiastic about employer branding and feel responsible, have nothing better to do than to ensure a consistent brand image for the employer.

The employer brand and the associated communication is also an expression of the identity and values of our organisation. At REWE digital, we all invest a considerable part of our precious lifetime. So we are shaping nothing less than the future of digital retailing - here and now. Our mission is to give this joint venture and our commitment a visual and content-related bracket.

What is possible? - and who is doing it now?

After numerous discussions and inner monologues, our team came to the conclusion that we needed a reorientation of the employer branding for REWE digital. The order seemed clear at first. REWE digital's mission is to create something new and question the existing. As this is a fundamental component of our corporate culture, we were able to convince the jury with our initiative at decisive points.

The framework for the project was defined in November 2018. Now, with the support of our Head of Design/UX, we were able to prepare the pitch in order to find a suitable project partner. In various rebriefing discussions with agencies, it became clear that it was not understandable for outsiders that the REWE digital brand was predominantly relevant for the labour market. The problem definition

was to carry out a corporate rebranding with a focus on employer communication. The Cologne agency SEVN convinced us in the pitch. The comprehensive understanding of the task, an extraordinary commitment and a courageous implementation approach were decisive.

A feeling of disturbance - doesn't that usually come from caviar?

During the interview with SEVN, there was an intensive exchange about the implementation of the concept presented in the pitch. The more concrete we talked about the possible introduction of a new corporate design, the more we felt a sense of disturbance. In a conversation with the agency, there was an aha moment. It became clear to us that classic project work without the involvement of colleagues might be right for many companies - not for REWE digital. Many intelligent, creative and committed people work for us. They mainly work with agile methods and many identify intensively with what they do and for which organisation.

We want to create a result, which should strengthen the identification with the company. We wanted to obtain extensive feedback over the entire process duration in order to fully exploit the potential of everyone.


Organisational and personnel changes digitally reshaped REWE's identity. Our task in employer branding is to take up this change and communicate it consistently. For this reason, we had to realign the communication of our employer brand. We achieved the best results for us and maximum acceptance with the transparent and participative implementation of the project. We worked together with many colleagues and the Cologne agency SEVN

The second part of "The BRAND New Work Experience" deals with the cooperation in our cross-functional team. A story marked by growth pains and by the power of resistance. ;-)

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