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from  Stefan Scheidt

Continuous learning is essential in many professions. Without a doubt it also applies to the profession of software development. At all levels, methods, procedures and tools are evolving at a fast pace. One way for software developers to keep track with this rapid development is to regularly meet with other developers to share experiences and learn from and with each other. 

User groups, which meet regularly, offer a very good platform for this. One of these User Groups is the Softwerkskammer, where people come together to exchange ideas, new technologies and to learn new things. The Softwerkskammer was founded in 2011 and is organized through local communities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also called Softwerkskammern. 

Since January 2018 there is also a Softwerkskammer Cologne which usually meets every second Monday of the month at different Cologne companies - including REWE digital at the Carlswerk in Köln Mülheim. The participants deal with topics such as automated testing, test-driven development or clean code. Thus, the Softwerkskammer does not focus on a specific programming language, development, runtime environments or frameworks, but on more general questions of software development. 

In addition to classic formats with one or more lectures per evening, there are also regular meetings with hands-on sessions, to which participants bring their notebooks. After an introductory part, they can pick up the keyboard themselves and directly try out what they have just learned. Code Katas are a common occurrence as well. From about ten participants per evening in the beginning, the interest in Cologne has continuously increased with more than 70 participants at the peak during a visit of Craig Larman on the topic "Descaling Scrum". 

It is very nice that the host companies do not only provide their space, but usually also contribute food and beverages, so that the physical well-being is also taken care of and the relaxing part is not missed out. Because often the casual conversations after the official program are the icing on the cake of the evening. Be part of it! 

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