REWE digital SummerCamp 2019

Let's have a look back at our SummerCamp 2019 where we show what we bring along at REWE digital.

from  Christian Fahl

Kathrin and I, the organizers of the SummerCamp, were already at REWE digital when it fit into a single space on the Carlswerk site. The distances to the next colleagues with the right expertise were short and the networking between us was incredibly high. A few years later, with several locations and now more than 600 employees, both has become a challenge.

We wanted to tackle this challenge with the SummerCamp. We wanted to create an environment in which colleagues could get to know each other, exchange ideas and show what they can do - regardless of their everyday work. And of course the SummerCamp should also be fun - which is why it is as interactive as possible and why there is only one requirement: no frontal teaching & no PowerPoint. But it was equally important for us to create a lasting, positive effect on the cooperation between colleagues throughout the SummerCamp. 

And it seems that we have hit the mark. Already at the first edition in 2018 there were more than 30 workshop organizers who not only prepared the workshops in their free time and with a lot of love for detail, but also carried them out. The response was enormous and half of the more than 400 places on offer were fully booked after only 24 hours. No question that there was a second edition this year. With even more workshops, even more participants and instead of one, two whole weeks. 

Next year, the third edition is planned - and as the saying goes, that's when people start talking about tradition. We look forward to continuing this tradition, but remain committed to our proven method - based on agile project management: Always with the goal in mind, but only from milestone to milestone.

Now we don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer and show what our colleagues at REWE digital have to offer: 

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REWE digital SummerCamp 2019

Christian Fahl
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