REWE digital in Ilmenau as host for "Agile Thüringen"

Half a year after the launch, it was time for a topic about Agile Work and Agile Transformation. The

from  Friederike Schmidt

Topic Agile working in Thuringia at an all time high

Half a year after the launch, it was time for a topic about Agile Work and Agile Transformation. These are topics that are very popular in Thuringia and are of particular interest to change agents of companies like Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches. A few years ago I met Christian Müller at a Meetup in Erfurt. He hosts the Meetup series "Agile Thüringen", in which companies can host Meetups. The focus is on the Open Space format, in which participants are invited to play an active role, be it to suggest topics yourself or simply to join in the discussion. Christian and I quickly agreed and the agenda for the event from Keynote - Open Space - Get together was knitted.

Stop Your Agile Transformation now!

In April it was finally time! After a short introduction of REWE digital and Agile Thüringen we got into the topics. As a highlight we had invited Oliver Zilken (Chief Scrum Master at REWE digital in Cologne), who opened the evening with a keynote speech: "Stop your agile Transformation now!”, a provocative title that has certainly aroused the curiosity of many in advance. Oliver cleared up myths: If something has "Agile Transformation" is written on it, it’s not always what you’ll find inside. Old roles often get new names, which in the end don't change anything in companies. Transformation back or forth - the real issue is faster and better decisions as well as "things that really change something". Using exemplary steps, he clarified how and where a digital transformation can succeed (or even fail). You can read the complete keynote here

The Open Space is there for everyone

Planning a theme for the Open Space is always a lot of fun! After the theme pitch, the participants could decide with an "Ah" or "Oh" in which of the three session rounds the themes were to be placed. When all the topics were placed, the sessions started with a duration of about twenty minutes. REWE digital was also represented with some topics, e.g. "PO at REWE digital" by Sabine Spiller (Product Owner, Ilmenau), "Career in flat hierarchies" by Michael Kutz (Software Engineer, Cologne) or "Questions and discussion about the impulse lecture" by Oliver (including a live broadcast of the 1st FC Cologne). As co-organizer I unfortunately had hardly any time

for the sessions, which I want to change next time. Coordinating catering, being a timekeeper, taking pictures of the sessions and sharing impressions on Twitter - for such a Meetup you have to be a jack-of-all-trades and of course I like to be!

No Get-together without Snacks & Beer

The subsequent get-together with Snacks & Beer continued the exchange on the topics. One thing quickly became clear: next time the participants would like even more time for the individual sessions. Already noted - of course we won't let a Scrum Master tell us that twice! I found it nice that not only interested people from and around Ilmenau were guests, but also, for example, from Jena had come to us. In a way, we have built a bridge to the other technology locations in Thuringia. What is particularly important to us, however, as REWE digital to continue to promote the exchange and transfer of knowledge for the region of Southern Thuringia.

Save the date - but the next Meetup of this kind will be a Barcamp. Make a note of October 26th: AgIL Barcamp at REWE digital in Ilmenau! Further information will follow shortly.

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REWE digital in Ilmenau as host for "Agile Thüringen"

Friederike Schmidt
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