Our REWE digital AI Manifesto for responsible AI systems - from developers for developers

Have a look at our very own REWE digital AI Manifesto, our responsible Guidelines for AI usecases.

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Read our REWE digital AI Manifesto here

Every company bears responsibility. We at REWE digital bear equal responsibility for our employees, customers and business partners. This is especially the case in the technology sector.

Artificial Intelligence is sometimes controversially discussed. Since we have been working more intensively on AI applications for some time now, we have taken a closer look at the EU Ethical Guidelines in particular.

Therefore, we are pleased to present our own REWE digital AI Manifesto to you today, which follows and takes up our long-established and practiced ethical guidelines at the REWE Group. This document has been written together with our developers and gives clear, understandable recommendations for the development and use of AI and AI applications. We thus consider our manifesto to be a recommendation for action by developers for developers, which changes and adapts in line with the further development of the technology.

The development

In order to provide our developers with a compact framework with comprehensible guidelines and ethical aspects, we have looked at various AI position papers and rules from experts and politicians. But no guideline met our requirements or was usable for us in practice.

For this reason, colleagues from Technology as well as Research & Innovation, but also Communication and Public Relations, thought of their own ideas in order to design an optimal concept. The result is our very own AI Manifesto in German and English.

Technology for the people

Our handy manifesto is designed to support our software engineers in developing sustainable and responsible systems. In addition, we keep ourselves aware of the risks and dangers that can arise from improper development and use. We want to avoid these in this way, because ethical issues are just as important to us as technological or economic progress.

Furthermore, we hope that other companies and developers will also orient their actions towards our vivid manifesto in order to use technology only for the well-being of people and their living conditions - whether in the evaluation of large amounts of data or to reduce the destruction of food by predicting sales.

For further questions, please contact Kai-Uwe Reimers and Salah Zayakh, who will be speaking today at 3 pm at the Digitaltag AI Talk.

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