Mein Markt Plattform – a platform from merchants for customers

What is MMP?

from  Christian de Pay

Internally at REWE Digital, we often use this abbreviation, without knowing the exact meaning of these three letters.

MMP stands for „Mein Markt Plattform“ and is primarily the responsible data platform for our store website on including standard information such as opening hours, addresses and many more. It should not be mixed up with our other website named DRM, which stands for „Dein REWE Markt“ and is the store specific offer website. 

However, only at the MMP merchants do have the great opportunity to create and update content on their website. They have the ability to communicate current sales promotion, exclusive services and other relevant information to the customer. They can also create newsletters to reach out for more digital awareness next to their regular POS channel.

The store website also offers direct entry to the REWE Collect Service as well as to the regional delivery service. All those components raise the importance of the MMP to gain more digital visibility for all of our local REWE stores.  

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Mein Markt Plattform – a platform from merchants for customers

Christian de Pay
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