How does REWE digital sound?

That's what you always wanted to know? Finally, we have the answer for you!

from  Felipe Moroder-Bendyk

We currently wear headphones for several hours a day. Being rolemodels, we know about good audio quality for video conferencing. However, our new REWE digital Spotify-Playlist "The Sound of REWE digitalproves that we know a little more about sound. 

With more than 600 colleagues, a wide variety of musical tastes have come together so far: From masterpieces such as Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to classics by the Thuringian-born world composer Johann Sebastian Bach (Hello Ilmenau) and the running gag Darude - Sandstorm. Of course, Bulgarian folk music (Zdraveĭte Sofia) or the Effzeh-hymn (Daach Kölle) also find their place in our collection.

Listen in, add your three favourite songs (if not already done) and let the music play. Have fun! 

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