Evolution of Recruiting

The shortage of skilled workers is currently on everyone's lips. The job market has always been subj

from  Kerstin Lohmer

The shortage of skilled workers is currently on everyone's lips. The job market has always been subject to strong fluctuations - today it is especially the technology sector that is constantly on the lookout for qualified colleagues. Due to the rapid changes within digital industries, the demand for skilled workers is increasing - a relaxation of the market is not foreseeable. So it is not surprising that the field of recruiting has also changed considerably and is still changing.

20 years ago, it was common practice for new positions to be filled almost exclusively through advertisements. However, the demand for skilled workers, but also the new possibilities offered by the Internet, which is accessible everywhere and at any time, increasingly shifted the weight in personnel recruitment from passive methods to active ones. The direct approach over Social Media channels or far scattered Networking have now become generally accepted in most enterprises. So approaches to recruiting in this age are based on internal recruiters as well as on personnel consultancies and headhunters. The hope was and is to draw the attention of people who are not actively looking for a new challenge to career opportunities and thus reach the largest percentage of the employee market, i.e. those specialists who already have a job.

Every qualified professional who registers on the usual professional network portals will sooner or later receive messages with job offers. What may flatter you in the beginning, will sooner or later become a bother to many people. This is certainly also due to the fact that many direct approaches are based on the "throwing spaghetti against the wall" tactic. This is an attempt to generate a great deal of mass with a very low yield.

This is a move that leaves individuality and accuracy of fit on the sidelines. As a result, potential new employees have become tired of making contact, especially in technology, and this channel of communication has almost been completely exhausted.

"If you call me resource, I'll call you overhead" sarcastically sums up what every modern company should have understood by now: Employees want to be perceived as people from the very beginning, they want individuality in making contact and authenticity in communicating with their potential employers. We at REWE digital have therefore opted for a strategy that can be outlined as relationship management (in technical jargon

one would speak of Candidate Relationship Management). The cornerstones of our recruitment strategy are consciously close to the values that are generally understood as agile values:

We respect potential employees as individuals and do our best to value and include them as individuals. This means that even before applying, we will ask for their questions by phone, refrain from generic social media requests and prefer to contact fewer people, but more personally and more accurately, and show a certain amount of humility towards them - after all, we have a need for their skills and experience and have to have something to offer.

We talk to people and are as open as we can be, which can also mean that we may not be able to answer a question in a polished way. We show ourselves to be as transparent as possible - among other things through our team days, and actively seek feedback after an application process. We learn continuously and regularly question established processes. We also carefully read feedback on the well-known company evaluation portals and, if a need for action is identified, initiate appropriate implementation.

Of course, we also use the entire range of personnel recruitment instruments: Ads on various general or speciaistl channels, recruiting fairs, personnel service providers, direct approach, targeted (Tech) Event Management

etc. - Above all, however, there is the relationship to the employee market. The contact with us should be fun, honest and credible and should create added value for both sides. This is why you can give a prospective customer for REWE digital a central piece of advice along the way: Just be yourself - so are we!

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Evolution of Recruiting

Kerstin Lohmer
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