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I'm Anna. I have grown up emancipated and equal. My parents always gave me the feeling that I c


from  Anna van Dillen

Hi! I'm Anna. I have grown up emancipated and equal. My parents always gave me the feeling that I could do everything I wanted to do. I am also quite self-confident. In short: I really have no problem being a woman in a man's domain. When I started working in IT, I realized that it's quite naive to think that any woman - or even the majority - would do the same.

That's why it's particularly important to me today that women find a place in the professional context to exchange ideas, support each other, discuss exciting topics or simply have a hearty beer with each other. For this reason, we at REWE digital have founded a "Women Empowerment Community". In addition to professional and individual digital coaching, we meet at regular intervals at our "Coffee & Confidence" community meetings to keep in touch.

Of course, these meetings take place during working hours and the topics are as diverse as the women in the community: we talk about our experiences with digital coaching or collect topics in Lean Coffee format that are in the minds of those present to learn from each other. We also present great tools, such as Moving Motivators by Jürgen Appello, to create new bases for discussion with the boss, colleagues or yourself. Or we invite strong women from our own ranks to share their leadership journeys as inspiration and encouragement, especially for our younger colleagues. It is important to us that the Community Ladies can create their own content. In the background there is a group of volunteer power women who make sure that everything is organized.

Since I think such an exchange in isolation is pointless - or at least a bit ignorant - we attach great importance to talking to the whole company. We have already started a Meetup series in which we talked about how we perceive the culture at REWE digital, what our experiences are and where we see potential for improvement. The ideas range from an anonymous way of complaining about inappropriate behaviour, to support opportunities for parents, to

on transparency about the demographics, and potential pay-gaps.

I am particularly pleased about the lively interest and willingness of many colleagues to get involved and I am curious to see what more we can achieve together in the area of "Women @ REWE digital" - or rather in the area of "Social Responsibility at Work"!

Basically, it's not about women per se, but about dealing with one another in a collegial way, about equal opportunities, about work-life balance and personal development in a professional context.

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Empowered Women Empower Women

Anna van Dillen
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