The End of the Job Interview - Peer Recruiting at REWE digital

How to recruite @ REWE digital

from  Kerstin Lohmer

Nothing is as constant as change. Although, this saying may seem like an empty phrase at times, it proves to be true, especially in our dynamic field of business. The personnel work of an agile company must always be open to new approaches. The times in which a HR manager and a Head of make hiring decisions in the proverbial "quiet chamber" are (fortunately) over.

We at REWE digital are convinced that the success and satisfaction of a potential team member depends largely on his or her teamfit. What use is it if a recruiter is convinced of an applicant but his or her future colleagues simply do not fit in with him or her? The danger is also far too big that a prospective candidate will be rejected because his or her formal skills do not match the advertisement, even though he or she brings skills and experiences that perfectly complement those of the team.

Why not ask those people who know exactly who "fits" and who knows who will complement the team personally? Peer recruiting is the technical term for this and we live it as individually as the challenges of the teams and their members.

When applying, an interested person has the opportunity to get to know us in an interview. They also get the chance to meet their potential future colleagues, work with them, talk to them - simply see if it is a match for both sides. Depending on the team, this can mean completing tasks together, working on test cases or even just having coffee together. Most of the time, we meet for a few hours in the target team's workspace and have lunch together. Informal and authentic, but at the same time appreciative and professional - this is the goal of our so-called "Team Days".

We are convinced that we have great people working for us in a great surrounding and we don't want to convince you with polished advertising slogans, but rather want to show what we have to offer - without soft filters.

At the same time, the process remains transparent at all times and we provide information in advance about what to expect. It is by no means a stress test or an assessment; it is a mutual sniffing, a joint trial and error, a "Team Day". In the end, all those involved should be able to make a decision based on their best knowledge and conscience: We, as an employer, but also the applicant who has been given deep insight of their future job and can thus become part of us with a good feeling. Are you ready for REWE digital? 

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