Berlin, Berlin ... you can now find us in Berlin

Multicultural capital city feeling with exciting software projects - that's REWE digital Berlin!

from  Melanie Niermann

The move is finally (almost) done

At the new REWE digital location in Berlin we work in the heart of the city that never stands still. We are 20 employees from different nations, our team language is English, our favorite leisure time activities are playing table tennis and cooking (and eating) together. And we love sweets, so cake always works!  

With our two Scrum Teams, consisting of developers, product owners, Scrum masters, site reliable engineers and software architects, we complement the IT of REWE digital in Cologne, Ilmenau and Sofia. Agile development processes enable us to work together on exciting projects across teams and locations.

What we work on

We mainly deal with topics around data provision for our REWE Shop and data exchange with our marketplace partners. We are the data nerds so to speak. In addition to classic features such as data validation or data synchronization, scaling and performance play a major role in our work. We all know that Customers always want to see changes to products as quickly as possible and not have products displayed that are no longer available. 

Our technologies

We always want to be technologically up to date and do our best to achieve this. The techies among you know how hard that can be sometimes. But we think we can handle it pretty well. 

Our system landscape is strongly micro service-oriented and the concept of reactive programming is well known to all our software engineers. Our Tech Stack in Buzzwords: Java, Apache Kafka, Spring, Spring Boot, MongoDB mySQL, GCE, GitHub, Elastic Search, Kibana, logstash and and and ...

We are always learning and try to distribute what we have learned within the team. Here we rely on Pair Programming, CoP - Community of Practice Sessions and a communicative cooperation. Besides all the work and learning, you can also find us at joint activities at the bowling alley, on bicycles in and around Berlin or at picnics in the park. 

What our team members say about us: 

Hans - Software Engineer - 

Great atmosphere, we work with high-end technologies and as software developers we have the freedom to find solutions for our daily tasks.

Patricia - Product Owner -

Working in our team means being welcomed as you are, learning from each other and solving problems together. Working with these teams never gets boring, in fact it is a lot of fun.

Azmy - Software Engineer 

Fight for simplicity. It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than the one where they jumped up.

Ahmed - Software Engineer

It's amazing to know that you can drive the change in the world by helping make other people's lives easier.


What other REWE digital colleagues say about us: 

Anne - Senior Technical Integration Manager -

Working with the team is not only fun, but also leads to productive and clever solutions. Without you we would not be where we are today in the marketplace.

Nicole and Verena - Master Data Management -

Every day anew you support us with a lot of creativity and innovative drive to present our assortment for our customers in the online store in an optimal way.

Tobias - Product Owner -  

I think about an extremely motivated team, which works energetically in our projects with great attention to detail and high quality standards. In addition, they are always ready to support us quickly and also at unpleasant times like Friday evening.

Sebastian - Product Owner - 

Even in very stressful and cross-team phases, the team has created order and thus maintained an overview for all persons involved.


We are very happy to be a part of REWE digital and are looking forward to the first carnival in Cologne. If you want to become a part of REWE digital in Berlin, Cologne, Ilmenau or Sofia, then have a look at our open positions here! And last but not least we show you some photos: 

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Berlin, Berlin ... you can now find us in Berlin

Melanie Niermann
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