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Twenty employees from nearly as many countries now put their ‘Made in Berlin’ stamp on REWE digital. We work in two development teams with scrum masters, product owners, software architects, QA engineers and DevOps engineers as well as two external teams, which are firmly integrated in our processes. Our team language is English and our team lunches are a tradition.

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A trip around Berlin

Kreuzberg rather than Neu(es)Köl(l)n

A kind of mini Berlin can be found between Prinzenstraße und the ‘Kotti’. The new REWE digital district is admired for its almost perfect transport links, cultural and culinary delights and the nearby Landwehr Canal. Together with the other fashionable district of Neukölln, the area is also known as ‘Kreuzkölln’ – and since our company is based in Cologne, this of course makes our kölsche soul twice as happy.

A trip around Berlin

The Mother City

We love facts and figures. Did you know that Berlin has more bridges than Venice and more canals than Amsterdam? With 44% of the city’s area occupied by green spaces, parks or forests, it is also Europe’s greenest capital. Then there are the roughly 200 museums and 1,000 late-night convenience stores – known as Spätis to the locals – in the city that never really sleeps.

A trip around Berlin

More than currywurst and kebab

It is likely that nobody can say with any degree of accuracy what was really invented in Berlin, but various culinary pilgrimage sites can be found on the wide cobbled pavements and in traditional corner bars or tucked away between the Späti and atelier. Meanwhile, the entire BVG public transport fleet covers a distance that would stretch around the earth 8.7 times (!) every single day.

A trip around Berlin


At peak times, a start-up was founded in BER every 14 hours. Translated into years, this is the equivalent to the delay in building the airport of the same name. Yet Berlin is and will always be one of the most modern and innovative technology locations in the world. So it is little wonder that we are happy to be a part of it.

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The best stories from capital city

Knowing where to go

How to get there

Public transport in Berlin runs more frequently than in almost any other city.

You never have to wait too long thanks to two completely upgraded U-Bahn and tram networks. Kottbusser Tor is our hub. And if you prefer to travel on the water, then we recommend the Landwehr Canal, also during the lunch break for some fresh air.

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